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How to escape form the bus or coach when emergency

Twenty-four tourists died in the Taiwan bus fire accident. It is necessary to learn how to escape from the bus when you met emergency.

The safety devices on the bus

Now bus in the market has automatic fire extinguishing devices, usually installed in the bus, and coach,  near the bus engine compartment and the electrical integration of the front bus door , the automatic fire extinguishing devices start to high-pressure spray at temperatures above 170 ℃ and other dangerous situations, in addition to the automatic fire extinguishing system, there are also have manual fire extinguishing system, two dry powder fire extinguishers, one  behind the driver seat, another one is near the bus passenger door

Usually vehicles are fitted with two escape device, including safety hammer escape and bus emergency valve switch. Safety hammer placed above the front window.when emergency situation, the safety hammer smashed the side window to escape. The emergency valve, can be pulled red or yellow emergency switch, the doors will open quickly.

In addition, At the top of the bus there are emergency exits, but people tend to think it is vents. When the bus fall side, then passenger can rotate the window switch, will be able to open the window to escape.

When the bus on fire

Keep in mind following escape tips

"when the bus on fire, Cover nose and mouth with a towel or clothing, for the initial fire, use dry chemical extinguishers quickly, pulled the pin, root out the fire source, which can effectively control small fires and initial fire."

After the fire was under control, passengers need to immediately flee the burning bus, when the bus passenger door can open normally, the passengers should get off bus from the nearest front and rear bus doors. When the door can not be opened. Open the door manually by the bus emergency valve switch.

Most of the windows bus window are closed, if the emergency valve switch(bus door control valve) can not open the door, then passengers can use the safety hammer. when using the safety hammer, hammer tip quickly hit the four corners of the glass, then jumping through the window to escape. If you do not find a safe hammer, you can use a hard object such as high-heeled shoes, keys and other smashed the glass to escape.

If there are flame on your clothes, do not rush frantically. Take off the burning clothes, if not enough time, also lay down and roll to put off the fire. If Others clothes are on fire, you can take off your clothes or other cloth material,  to cover the fire off.